Aletheia University, Danshui

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Aletheia University (after Greek for “truth”), is a university in Danshui, northwest of Taipei, and was founded by George Leslie Mackay as the Danshui Oxford College. It has close links to the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Taiwan.

Danshui Oxford College
The Danshui Oxford College inside the campus of Aletheia University is now used as
showroom about the history of the University

Dr. George Leslie Mackay, a missionary from the Canada Presbyterian Church, accomplished remarkable work in evangelism, education, publishing and medicine after arriving in Danshui in 1872. Soon after arriving, Mackay chose a piece of land on a hilltop of Danshui, planned the design of the main building and personally supervised its construction. When the building, funded in large part by contributions from the residents of Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, was completed in 1882, he named the school Oxford College as a gesture of thanks to its benefactors.

The original curriculum included courses in Theology, Bible study and Reason as well as Sociology, Logic, Classical Chinese Literature, Chinese History, the Natural Sciences and general courses in Medicine, Anatomy and Clinical Practice. The school marked the beginning of general education curricula in Taiwan.

Since 1994 the school has operated as a four-year independent college. Initially designated Danshui Oxford University College, the school opened a branch campus in Matou, Tainan County, in 1996 offering two-year and four-year college education.

The school was renamed to Aletheia University in August 1999. The university comprises five colleges: Humanities, Mathematical Sciences, Finance and Economics, Management, Tourism, Leisure and Sports and the Center for General Education. Four graduate programs are offered in Humanistic Studies, Mathematical Science, Management Science, and Finance & Economics.

The 2015 HETI Congress is organized in cooperation with the Department of Sport Management under the College of Tourism, Leisure and Sports.

The Auditorium of the University
The Auditorium of the University

Sports Arena and Dormitories
Sports Arena and Dormitories

The Campus of Aletheia University is located in the direct neighborhood of Fort San Domingo and the former British Consulate, Congress participants will be able to walk over to these two places of interest during lecture brakes.

Aletheia University_map